LED's controlled by music help.

I am planning on going to an EDM music festival and I thought it would be really cool to get a FLORA microcontroller, some LED strips, a microphone, wire it up and attach it to an article of clothing like a hat or shoes. So when I'm at the festival and I'm at the Base kitchen stage I want the lights to be bumpin with the base of the music.

so in straight up words I want to bring an led strip to a festival and have the strip blink to the base of the music almost exactly like this video on youtube

except my major concern is I'm outside in a big area and the music volume will vary with extreme highs (when I'm close and) lows (when I'm far) now I realize asking for it to work through all those ranges of volumes is asking for a lot. my main question is if there is a microphone that would work well for this project even if I have to put it on my head in some way. I already know how to hook the LEDs up and I'm pretty sure I can figure out the rest if I can get a mic for this but I don't know if one exists or not. Also if you can see any big problems I'll run into if this is possible I'll totally appreciate reading them.