LEDs For Table Top Game

Hi, Can anyone see any issues connecting an Arduino directly to eight columns of an 8*8 matrix and a decade counter to the rows ?

Using the counter I can drive the eight rows from a single pin i.e.

clear column port/s clock row set column port/s repeat ...

Assume that current limiting resistors are in place and that the decade counter will drive a transistor connecting each row to ground.

I have an idea to build a chunky arcade game using LEDs, taking some inspiration from bluespirits invaders project here -


The old grandstand arcade games that I used to play as a kid -


Thanks Duane B


Hi, Thinking about it, its trivial to build a test rig with one full row and one full column. I will run some test patterns with basic and inefficient game code, if there is no flicker I will carry on and build the full matrix and game code.

Astro Wars 2012 here I come.

Duane B