leds not consistently turning on, on tlc5940

I am using a tlc5940 breakout board. I have each of the sixteen channels wired to a 220 ohm resistor. I have wired a common anode RGB through the 3.3V using only the first the channels, and can successfully control the brightness levels. When I try to wire individual single color LED’s (up to 15) and I upload the code below, I get very scattered results. When connected to the 3.3V with more than 4 LEDS, they will all turn off, but if i want to increase the brightness on just the first led, they all begin to have a small glow.

The code I use

#include <Tlc5940.h>

void setup() {
  // put your setup code here, to run once:

void loop() {
  // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
Tlc.set(0, 0);
Tlc.set(1, 0);
Tlc.set(2, 0);
Tlc.set(3, 0);
Tlc.set(4, 0);
Tlc.set(5, 0);
Tlc.set(6, 0);
Tlc.set(7, 0);
Tlc.set(8, 0);
Tlc.set(9, 0);

My goal is to be able to control the brightness levels individually without disfunction.
I am curious what I need to teach myself about in order to overcome this issue.
( I have a small understanding of how shift registers work and a basic understanding of Volts resistance amps and such)

I have each of the sixteen channels wired to a 220 ohm resisto

That is wrong, that chip provides a constant current source, you don't need resistors. The other description of the wiring sounds wrong as well but the description is not clear. Can you post a schematic, hand drawn is fine, of how you have wired things up.

I removed the resistors and tried the same things with the same results. I have attached the image I drew of the current circuit. I apologize I’ve never done one before.

I apologize I've never done one before.

OK there is a lot missing so I don't know if it is from the diagram or your circuit.

First off there is no power applied to the chip. This should be on pin 21( positive ) and pin 22. Across there pins their should be a 0.1uF capacitor and a 100uF capacitor. Pin 20 should have a resistor to ground. This resistor sets the current through the LEDs. For a 10mA current you should use a 3K9 resistor and for 20mA you should use a 2K resistor.

Pin 19 should also be connected to pin 21, and pin 27 should be connected to ground.

As for the diagram the pin numbers should be shown at both ends on their respective components along with their names. So for example on the TLC5940 pin 23 should be labeled 23 BLANK. The Arduino should state what sort of Arduino, like Arduino Uno or whatever.

Thank you, I will take those suggestions into consideration for the next diagram I make. I misunderstood the purpose of the VCC pin. The first attempt I made was to connect a power supply, the 5V pin to the VCC pin on the tlc5940 breakout. Everything began functioning properly after fixing that mistake.
I must definitely must educate myself on how to draw a proper diagram and I greatly appreciate the information you have given me.