LEDs on Motor shield R3

The documentation on this shield does not include information on what the 4 LEDs beside the motor screw connectors indicate. There are a pair for each motor. When lit what does each one mean?

Have a link to product web-page?

As far as I can tell, the LED indicates the high potential side of the voltage feeding the motor. And actually, I think channel A is messed up on mine, because one of the LED's won't go off ever. When I alternate directions on channel B, the LED's alternate as one would expect, but on channel A, only 1 of them goes on and off, the other stays on, with the exact same code as channel B. So, I'm soldering the Adafruit motor shield that came with my kit from makershed, to see how that one works. Right now I feel the arduino motor shield R3 is possibly faulty.