leetZeppelin - Arduino powered blimp with TV-B-Gone

leetZeppelin was build by me and Fredrik (@fleijon) for an exhibition that the company we work for, tretton37 (tretton = thirteen), had at a software conference. The blimp is powered with an Arduino fio that communicates with a computer using xbees and is controlled with a Wiimote connected to the same computer. For fun we added a tv-b-gone to it that could be triggered if the secret key combination ]:D

More info and build log can be found at http://tretton37.com/blog/2011/11/25/leetzeppelin/


Hardware - Zeppelin Arduino FIO XBee Servo motors 2 x Servo motor or motor controller Motor Proppeler Blimp Balloon Envelope (rctoys.com) IR Led Carbon fiber tube Lego Gears Lipo Battery – 1s 1000 mAh

Hardware - C&C XBee XBee Explorer USB Wii mote Computer running Linux Bluetooth dongle

Have fun! /Marcus

looks good but the video says "an error occurred please try later"

try to reload the page or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geMrAmBJsls

yup fine now! it must be later already good looking machine how do you control altitude?

we controlled the altitude by change the direction of the motors

er I meant how do you make the blimp go up and down?

the servo on the first picture change the angle on the motors so it change the direction of the trust from the motors.

and the angle is controlled by the wiimote

ah that makes sense!