Legally using 433 Lora ra-02 in Canada and USA?

Hi guys,

I'm trying to find the answer as to using lora legally in Canada and the US.

Isn't 433 ham license required? The Ra-02 looks amazing with great range but I don't want to go and develope something that's just going to get banned.

Does anyone know what the max power output is with documentation online?


I am not aware that there are specific regulations for just LoRa, rather that you have to follow the limitations prescribed for transmitters, typically unlicensed, in general.

There are normally restrictions based on power level, out of band emissions, duty cycle and bandwidth. Some areas have listen before talk limitations too.

What those regulations are for America and Canada, I have no idea, but you need to find the document and read it through for the details of what you can and cannot do.

If this is a commercial product you are developing then there will be a host of testing and compliance issues too, best to emply a professional for advice.

the 70 CM band has multiple users:

Government, DoD, are primary users
hams are secondary users. hams can't complain if the military or government is using the frequency
Part 15 is a tertiary user. Part 15 users can't complain if a licensed ham clobbers their signals.
you don't need a ham license, but I can't imagine not having one. it's a 35 question test. more than a few 7 year old girls are hams.

FCC Part 15 explained

more than a few 7 year olds girls are hams.