Legit or Pass?

I make Instructables frequently and I was reached out by someone from gearbest.com to test out electronic parts for free as long as I advertise for them when I showcase for it. Free stuff would be great, because I am underage and scrapping parts together isn’t that easy as my family isn’t what you’d call wealthy. However, that website sells knock off Arduinos and I don’t I want to support a company that does that. On top of that, I read around the internet on cases where people never got packages from them and they weren’t compensated at all, which is horrible.

Also, attached is the conversation I had with them. Doesn’t it seem a little sketchy to you? That’s what my father thinks (he’s afraid of identity theft because it happened to him)… I guess I just need input from a few others about whether I should accept this offer or not…

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note, these screenshots are from this morning, I’m from the US and this company is located in china.

Part time job. You will be more fairly compensated for your time and you can choose what stuff to get.

You think I should do it?

I would not. But I would not because my time is more valuable than a few free bobbles from a Chinese vendor with a questionable reputation. What I was trying to say is that your time is also very likely more valuable; that you would be better served by working part-time then using the money to buy what you want.

Your concern is identity theft. That can be allayed by... • If possible, use a parent's work address. (Be sure to ask.) • Rent a post office box. I pay $60 per year for mine. I believe then can be rented by the month. • If possible, use your school's address. (Be sure to ask.)

Finally, if the Chinese vendor is willing to give you free stuff in exchange for tutorials there is a good chance other companies are willing to do the same. Try contacting Adafruit, Sparkfun, etcetera with the same proposition.

I got a similar offer from a company called creation create they want me to do youtube videos on their stuff as advertising (basically loot create with electronics) i said i would like to and my email hasnt been reply to and its been a few days.

brenden_nerd_: ...my email hasnt been reply to and its been a few days.

Huh. I wonder why... https://www.google.com/search?q=memorial+day+weekend+2016


[quote author=Coding Badly link=msg=2780620 date=1464757496] Huh. I wonder why... https://www.google.com/search?q=memorial+day+weekend+2016



Well at least we know his company isn't China-based lol.