Lego League

A guy asked me to help him help a group of kids that are involved in a Lego league. His project is to help the elderly rember to take their meds, eat, remind them their favorite tv show is on, and possibly somother functions.. He would like a box made that would output a prerecorded voice message telling the person its time to take meds or what ever. Having a flashing light to help get their attention may help also. So we would need a timer keeping track of time between meds, meal time, and favorite show time. Some type of button to push telling "box" that mesage was received. Was wondering if the Arduino would be able to do this, or maybe somthing else would work better. Thanks in advance


Yes, Arduino can do this. You may also want a real time clock (RTC) to help keep track of time. Most come with a battery backup in case of power loss.

While the arduino can do this, I would suggest spending plenty of time trying to make the user interface intuitive, since many of the people in your target audience are probably techno-phobic (this will decrease over the years as the vanguard of the boomers start to retire). Unless you have an 8 year old grandchild available to do the programming.

FWIW, there are various commercial solutions to do what you want to do. You might want to look at them for inspiration, though I would not suggest directly copying the user interface, etc.