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In light of the recent events concerning the Arduino family feud; things are going to start terribly wrong with the open source aspect of the IDE. Unless, as a community we make our opinions known.

I make this post with neutral intentions, regardless of what I personally feel about the situation regarding the LLC vs SRL battle, we need to face facts:

Regardless of the commercial front, whether it be arduino.cc or arduino.org, the open source community aspect of the project is located here: https://github.com/arduino/Arduino. No matter what either side of the battle tries to do, this repo is ours. It is i guess you could say “forked beyond repair”, and if it ever dies, over 3000 copies of the repo still exist.

Yet people visiting arduino.org are sent to a download which contains a different software named exactly the same thing (https://github.com/arduino-org/Arduino).

If things drag on for some time, arduino.org will be supporting boards that we, the Arduino community folk do not have support for in our IDE’s. Also help given to newbies will go to waste or just cause great confusion when their inferior software fails to support what we take for granted.

  • The Arduino.org software is currently at version 1.7.0 however the Arduino IDE is at 1.6.3
  • Regardless of how much has been added to the sides of the Arduino.org software, the Arduino IDE is ahead by well over 1000 commits.
  • Arduino.org is attempting to piggy back the Arduino.cc forums. They are actively sending people here (forum.arduino.cc) to receive support for their product. (arduino-org/Arduino/…/README.md).
  • In fact, they even send you to the official Arduino IDE bug tracker and the Arduino.cc developers mailing list.

I put it to them (arduino.org) that, they: need to rename their software, making it clear to users that it is not the Arduino IDE, and that users cannot be expected to receive support from a community based around a ~completely~ different software package. Or they need to contribute too, and provide a legitimate version of, the Arduino IDE. There are already 3rd party developers contributing to the official open source project, there is no reason why arduino.org cannot do the same. Their fork is in my opinion not in the best interests of the open source community.

It is clear which one is the real thing:



Anyway, if you would like to show your support for this idea head on over to the issue created here and add a thumbs up ( :+1: ) Rename this fork and use less confusing versioning. Over night the list grew quickly, now 162 people have shown support.


Massimo Banzi has just commented, showing appreciation for the current support.

https://github.com/arduino-org/Arduino/issues/2#issuecomment-90749827: Thank you guys for the support we appreciate it !! (signed The Real Arduino) @probonopd thanks for starting this ;)

@colinta Amazing metaphor BTW. The "fork" is recent. Since they download from our repo and push on their repo it looks like it started in 2011 because that's when Arduino moved to github, our git history starts there but their repo is much more recent.

Dear friends from the Arduino community, thanks for your support. please keep commenting and keep showing these people who is the real Arduino!!

PS: we love you all

Awesome, just went over 200 participants >>> (https://github.com/arduino-org/Arduino/issues/2).

And, on a side note Massimo has mentioned some interesting news.

We will be releasing our official code in a few days when the real Arduino Zero comes out.