Leonardo and Adafruit MAX31855

Hello all,

I would like to know the technical feasibility of using a clone of the Adafruit MAX31855 SPI Thermocouple Amplifier breakout board on the Leonardo.

I am aware I would have to connect this sensor to the ICSP header, and that suits my design, as all the other pins (including the specific I2C pins) are being used.

What my question relates to is the feasibility of adapting the Adafruit library to use the ICSP headers SPI port, and how I would address it in the terms of the library. Would I need to rewrite this library from scratch, using the SPI library as a starter, and adding the MAX31855 functions into a complimentary library (almost like my LCDscreen_I2C and Wire libraries, how the Wire library addresses the Leonardo's I2C port) or could I get away with changing the type of the primitive, from:

Adafruit_MAX31855::Adafruit_MAX31855(int8_t SCK, int8_t CS, int8_t MISO)

to something a little more friendly in terms of the variables it can accept? If I can make it a little more friendly, what values do I use in place of a standard integer pin number assignment?

Many thanks in advance for your help!