Leonardo boot-loader isuue

Hi, I purchased Arduino Leonardo board to use as a mouse. I successfully used it in my project but while testing IC got short, so I purchased new IC ATm32U4DFU & soldered on Leonardo board.

Now when I connected the board with USB cable, in device manager in "other devices" it shows "ATm32U4DFU" in yellow. I tried to update the drivers but it failed.

Then I tried to burn boot loader using Arduino-Uno board. But it shows signature error.

Help me to solve the problem.

My connections while burning boot-loader. UNO Leonardo

10 RESET 11 MOSI 12 MISO 13 SCK 5v 5v gnd gnd

1.I connected USB cable to UNO board 2.Burned Arduino ISP code in UNO board 3.Did connections as mentioned 4.now in tools options I selected Leonardo board 5.Clicked on Boot-loader option.

Is this a right procedure or I am making any mistake ?