Leonardo boot loader problems

I have searched and searched but have not found a fix.

I can not get my Leonardo to upload sketches reliably.

The Bootloader port and the serial port are the same COM21.

The user manual states that the IDE will open/close the "serial port" as a 1200 baud port and that this would reset the board so the bootloader can come on line.

This does not happen.

I reset the board manually and twice in an hour it loaded my sketch.
( the sketch is the Demo: Digital.Read.Serial)

Hell of a way to run a rail road.

Is there any way to get the bootloader to work out of the box without having to play wack-a-mole with the reset button ??

I also do not understand how to load a new bootloader on to the chip.

I have a AVRISP markII plugged in, but the IDE states no "usb" device found.


PS: Is there a way to tell what version of bootloader is in the chip ?

Playing with this board has shown another (maybe the) problem.

After shutting down the IDE and unplugging the board,

I can get a new compile to upload to the board. (yippy)

But if I try a second time it fails. :frowning:

I noticed that the serial port (com21) is now missing from the Tools -> Serial Port !

I unplug the board, shut down the IDE, wait 30 seconds, plug in the board, open the IDE, compile the same program with a minor modification and it loads.


Clues ??


Today I installed V1.0.5 on another laptop.

W7 Starter on Toshiba NB505 ( a 13" netbook with an underpowered ATOM CPU)

Same problem, boot loads once then losses the comm port of the bootloader/terminal.

Seems to me that the IDE is holding the Comm port and not releasing it back to the system.

Is there anyone here that has looked at the IDE code and may know how to trouble shoot a problem like this ??

Do the other Arduino boards have problems like this ??

Next I will try a Win XP system.


It seems that there is no resolution to this problem.

I picked up two UNO boards today and these operate as I would expect.

With the number of messages on the forum about Leonardo problems,
my guess is that the boot loader has not been debugged correctly.

Being there is a ISP connector on these boards, I am sure they will find life NOT being Arduino compatible.