leonardo cannot berecognized after uploading

Hi folks,

would like to share with you. I use my recent bought Leonardo, uploaded software on it, afterward, I found I can't upload anymore again. that's weird, due to the system still recognized by IDE,

My solution is using the older IDE 1.6.0 version, program the blink again, I found this works and it can be wake up the board again. The new IDE programming working good again. I nearly throw away all malfunction Leonardo. haha.

** time being, I am trying to use Leonardo as a Keyboard simulator, I thought this might be related to this issue from the beginning, but finally, I found this is not!

Any people who have the same please report, Maybe my case not unique. this can help the Arduino team follow up.

It is not really a fault in the IDE as such but the way the LEO works with such keyboard / mice emulator sketches.

Normally you would press RESET during the upload to force it into the mode you need to re-upload sketches.

Restarting the 'normal' IDE might do the trick as well.

It has happened to me that the Leo does not want to upload; this was not related to HID functionality. In most cases the COM port had changed. Picking the correct COM port solved the issue; if that did not solve the issue, reset did.