Leonardo Customizing (driver/HID problem)

Hi. I want to play arround with customizing an Arduino leonardo pro micro (ATmega32U4).

I bought two leonardos (1st, vanilla, for comparison | 2nd, for customizing, in case of break it)

[u]To test:[/u] I got no LEDs here for the blink test demo sketch so i coded an c# application to send bytes to the leonardo and the leonardo move the mouse on x/y axis in windows by recived bytes then.

[u]Customizing steps:[/u] 1) I made an custom bootloader with custom VID and PID from the arduino IDE (Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\bootloaders\caterina) 2) i changed everything related in "Arduino\hardware\arduino\avr\boards.txt" 3) i uploaded my test sketch via arduiono IDE to replace the bootloader (the leonardo dont getting identified by windows anymore) 4) i modify the arduino.inf from "Arduino\drivers", cut it down to only leonardo things, changed the VID and PID 5) installed and used the WSDK and WDK to create an self-sign cert to install the inf on win10 x64

Now the custom leonardo will show up as custom made board inside of the device manager but only as COM device. The mouse movement dont work because there is no HID (mouse) entry inside of the device manager.

If i send bytes to the custom leonardo now via my c# app it recive this (onboard LEDs blinking) but cant move the mouse because there is no HID entry into the device manager.

[u]Now my question:[/u] is it possible to add the original leonardo HID mouse part (Driver InfPath: input.inf | hidusb.sys) to the custom inf file? So not only the com driver is installed, both should be installed/linked then.