Leonardo Device Descriptor Request Failed on W10.

This is my first time dealing with an Arduino Leonardo ETH, and an Arduino board in general.
I’m using an ASUS X555LA laptop, and running W10 OS and x64 operator
After Googling around and youtubing around for a good few hours, I found bits and pieces of what I need, but not all the right info.

Things I have tried:
Reinstalling Arduino
Try to manually install the driver.

I got lost because I couldn’t figure out which Driver to use. I have gotten several suggestions about using
Device Manager > Update Driver > Browse Manually > Select C:\Arduino\drivers.
However, this approach does not work for me, as when I attempt to do so, this happens

Therefore, based on

I need to go find the disk manually. However, I have no idea which one is the correct one.

I got to
C:\Arduino\drivers\FTDI USB Drivers
And I got to this screen

I have no idea what to do from here, nothing I’ve read gave me any depth.
Selecting one of these randomly gave me the following screen

And then it warns me that if I select the wrong one it may corrupt the device.
If anyone can help me past this area, it would be amazing.


This is NOT what is causing this issue for me v

I have looked at that, and re-connected my Arduino to a 2.0 USB port (which I verified by looking at manufacturing info). The results are the same, Device Descriptor Request Failed

Are you sure your USB cable is a FULL SYNC / TRANSFER cable and not just a power / charge cable ?

I currently have a USB cable that supposedly can transfer data to the Arduino attached to a 2.0 cable.
However, it still is not working, and the error remains unchanged.

"supposedly" isn't YES and attached to a 2.0 cable ?

Too many uncertainties there.

Also from your first post "x64 operator" I get that its X64 but are you a primary user / secondary user / Administrator ?

BTW the drivers for older boards which the Leonardo is should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\drivers\Old_Arduino_Drivers

You need to EXTRACT them from the ZIP file.
Once you have done that you will see the Leonardo driver there.
Right click and install.
Ignore any driver messages that may pop up as you DO want to install the driver.

If that method fails then you need to do an update driver from device manager.

To clarify any confusions:
Apparently this cable was used to transfer data onto the Arduino board, however, I have no way of verifying this.
I also meant to say USB 2.0 port, instead of cable.

I am the sole user of this laptop, so I have administrative access to everything.

To add on to your suggestion:

I have attempted it, both from the Device manager, and going to the driver and hitting "Install"
The "Install" method gives me this error
(EDIT: Screenshot modified)

The Device manager method gives me this error:

Would this mean I have installed the wrong version of Arduino and have to re-install, or is it some other convoluted thing that I'm unaware about?

Thank you for your help, btw. I really appreciate it.

Hmm don't see anything at lightshot / printscr or whatever it is ?

Maybe attach / insert the pics in here as a lot of people don't like external links.

Once we can see those properly I am sure there will be some good clues to move ahead.

Seems like a few people have issues with Leos right now so I dug one out to play with and ran into a couple of snags myself with 1.6.12 and Create

This error pops up when I attempt to update the driver from the device manager.:

This one pops up when I attempt to install the driver by right-clicking on the .inf file.

Thats much better thanks.

The second pic looks like a driver signing error and that can be overcome by turning off driver signing.

As soon as I get to one of my win 10 boxes will dig a little deeper

OK so zero issues with a LEO under win 10 installing here driver wise.

Compile under IDE 1.6.12 works just fine.

Upload also working fine.

That still leaves a few options open.
It could be that you have installed or tried so many things that windows is becoming confused and if thats the case we have some avenues to explore if we need

Turn off your Antivirus for the duration of any tests.

With NOTHING connected to the board apart from the USB cable can you post any details of what you can actually see in Device manager ?

Especially any items with exclamation or question marks. There should be at least one device at the moment.

I have not attempted to turn off the Driver signing, as it seems like I'd have to mess with the BIOS (I have secure boot), and would like to avoid it until we are truly out of options.

My Device manager looks something like this.

For completeness, when I attempt Update Driver Software > Browse for driver software > Next , the following happens:

Driver signing is not normally a BIOS option…Maybe you confused it with something else ?

At this stage that is the route I would be taking.
Win 10’s driver enforcement is a known issue with a lot of hardware.

I also use sec boot options on one of my boxes but have no issues.
I have also dropped driver sign options on servers to ensure that hardware is available and works properly as drivers specific to servers can be a PITA to even find for a lot of hardware and compatibility with various platforms means you sometimes have to use any means available to you.

I changed 2 things at once, and one (or both) of them seemed to work.

I talked to my labmates today and one of them suggested using an AVR pocket programmer.
After installing the driver for the AVR (and for the Leonardo after figuring out I was only temporarily removing driver signature and not permanently)
It worked.

My bad forgot to say its usually on a per device basis... Although you can do it on a sys wide basis too if you know what you are doing.

Glad you are sorted out.