Leonardo device name change

Please forgive me if I have put this question in the wrong place. It has been a while since I had time to play with my arduino stuff (something like three years), and I was planning to take care of some projects in the near future.

When you setup the leonardo as a device on a computer, it gets a name. It shows up as a HID. My mouse shows up as, "G700 Laser Mouse". I don't remember exactly what the leonardo shows up as, but I would like to change it. I don't want the user to be aware that I am making a device from an off-the-shelf arduino board. Maybe make it show up as, "Wacky Pointing device 4k", as an example. I used the duemilanove board for most of my projects and was delighted when the leonardo was a cheaper board that made interfacing so simple. Let me know if I need to clarify the question or take it somewhere else.

Thank you for taking the time.

I am thinking that when you got the Leonardo, you installed some driver software, and there is a .inf file somewhere, which has a name in it, and you can edit this name to something else.

It's in the bootloader and can be changed by recompiling the bootloader (and installing the new bootloader). Here is the path (from a Linux system) to the relevant file that would need to be altered.


Have fun.

I am resurrecting this dead thread because I'm looking for a way to do the same thing (Change the reported device name in lsusb) and looking at the response here and to a similar question on stack exchange I'm wondering why a memory set in the sketch couldn't work.

According to the Descriptor.c notes for catarina, the descriptor structure is held in SRAM and could be changed post-startup (of course if the device is USB-powered it would have to be changed before the USB system requests the descriptor, I don't know if that can be done, but maybe?)

If anyone knows where in memory it could be found or a way to discover it (since with each recompile of the bootloader it would maybe move) that would help. It's only cosmetic but I'm sure I'm not the only person still wanting to do this.

I am trying the above methods, but I did not get the results I want, so if you have effective methods, please leave a message under the post, thank you very much!