Leonardo drivers not found in Windows 7

There is an old thread for this kind of issue but it was getting messy and none of the solutions worked for me so I'm making a new one.

I have an Arduino Leonardo which works fine on my Windows 10 laptop, and used to work on the Windows 7 desktop. The desktop recently starting recognizing it as a Leonardo but showing the message:

"The drivers for this device are not installed. (code 28) There is no driver selected for the device information set or element."

When I hit the reset button on the board it works properly in device manager for as long as the bootloader is running, then goes back to the error message. I have tried updating the driver, but the computer can't find it. I installed the most recent version of Arduino (1.6.5), updated Windows (still 7), and changed the cable and USB slot, with no effect.

The Leonardo hardware IDs are USB\VID_2341&PID_8036&REV_0100 and USB\VID_2341&PID_8036. The computer is a Gigabyte micro PC.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!