Leonardo mounting problems

My Leonardo suddenly stopped mounting on any of my computers. I was working with it, uploading sketches just fine, then during one of those uploads, it reset, the computer made the disconnect noise, and it never came back. Now when I plug it in, the computer first makes the USB insertion noise, and I can see it show up under Ports in my Control Panel. It has the glowing light on it and after a few seconds it turns into a solid green light. However at the same time, the computer makes the disconnect noise and it disappears from the Ports list, basically as if I disconnected it. I tried it on several computers and they all do the same thing, it shows up briefly, then disconnects.

What could be causing this and is there something I can do assuming it's not fried?

I have the same problem with my Arduino Leonardo. I tried anything even write new bootloader by parallel programer, but the problem still exist Is any one here who can help us to solve this problem?


Me too, which is the problem?

I think i have the same problem, can someone help us? To specify our problem: -wire checked and OK -tried on Win7 and mac OS, same problem -no short circuits or hardware misuse -"read-first" forum messages checked -drivers manually installed

To precise our problem (i think we have the same), the board does not appears in the device manager, except when reset routine is launched, disappears seconds later.

Thanks for your help!

Hi In my case the cable was the problem. I have three cables and two of them didn't work with my arduino (sometimes work and sometimes didn't). Only one very good quality cable from my Xperia mobile phone works perfectly.


Personally i checked the cable, this problem isnt bound to it. Anybody has an idea on how to help me? Thanks!

So, maybe bootloader is broken, try burn bootloader by parallel probramer or USBASP if you have one. Here http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/ParallelProgrammer You can find link to how to build simple parallel programer br

Hi Folks,

I am having the same problem with my Leonardo. Has anyone succeeded in finding a solution? Thanks orafol