Leonardo not detected anymore

Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can help me with my Leonardo.

The last days I have been programming with my Leonardo and everything was fine :slight_smile:

Today I wanted to upload a new sketch but now my Leonardo is not being recognized anymore by Windows.
I am running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit, for Arduino I am running 1.0.5. the board is as you probably already guessed a official Arduino Leonardo R3.

What happens when I plug in the board is:
1 - LED ON starts to burn and LED L starts to fade in and out
2 - At the same time as 1 Windows produces the “device-insertion tone”
3 - After about 8 seconds LED L goes off
4 - At the same time as 3 Windows produces the “device-exiting tone”

When I look into device manager the only strange thing I see (for a short time) is “Other devices - Base System device”

Is my Leonardo broken or is something else going on?
I hope that someone can help me.

Best regards,
Johan Addink


Things just got a bit stranger (but workable) :astonished:

I am able to upload a sketch by doing the following:
1 - Prepare my sketch and click Upload.
2 - Plug in my Leonardo board and hold reset continously
3 - Release the reset button when Arduino states it is Uploading

As said it is workable but far from ideal, so if someone has ay ideas I would be more than willing to try them.

Best regards,
Johan Addink


This problem just keeps on going even stranger....

After having uploaded multiple sketches it looks like the problem has solved itself :smiley:
I can open the serial comms again and I even can find the Leonardo again in my COM ports.

Best regards,
Johan Addink

It is not strange at all...

Did the last sketch before the problem hog the serial port? Or possibly USB on Leonardo? If so that is the only way to get out of it.