Leonardo not doimg what the UNO does.

Can any one tell me why I get to see output to the serial monitor with my UNO but not with my Lenardo using this sketch?

Baan_Baan.ino (806 Bytes)

That should work. On the Leonardo and Micro, the hardware serial is Serial1 but the USB serial is Serial.

Just a comment, but attaching and detaching is an "expensive" operation on the Arduino and it WILL drop interrupts. The better way to do this is to suspend the interrupts, grab a copy of the variable and then re-enable the interrupts. This way if an interrupt comes in during that time that the interrupts are suspended, it will be handled by your interrupt handler, just a little late.

       while (j < 51)
            Serial.print(" Time ");
            Serial.print(" ");
            noInterrupts();                 //suspend interrupts while we grab a copy of the variable
            unsigned long temp = time[j];
            interrupts()                         //re-enable interrupts

Thanks MorganS, found my problem interrupt "0" is not the same on the two boards UNO pin 1 and Leanardo pin 3 should read the manual first..