Leonardo not working on either of my 2 Macs

I just bought a brand new Leonardo but it doesn't seem to be working. How can I diagnose?

1st MacbookPro - OSX Mavericks (10.9) - Intel Core2Duo 2.66GHz:
-- ON LED flashes once just as I plug the USB cable in, then nothing.

2nd MacbookPro - OSX Mavericks (10.9) - Intel Core i7 2.6GHz:
-- ON LED and L LED flash together indefinitely while plugged in at around 1.3Hz

Neither Macbook shows any tty.usbmodem options in the serial port list of the IDE.

Thanks in advance.

I have exact the same problem. Where is the bug? Is it the Lenardo, the IDE or the OS X 10.9?

Thanks for a note

Actually my problem was the USB cable the unit shipped with. Swapped that out and things now work fine.

I have exact the same problem.

You also have two macbook pros each exhibiting these exact same problems?

It is really funny. I did the same and it is working perfect. Do these people never check the material they are selling.? Have they ever heard something about quality control?

The same issue!!!! :stuck_out_tongue: thanks god i found this post