Leonardo pin 17 (rx led)

Based on the labeling (SS/PCINT0) PB0, this is a interrupt pin. Its defined as pin 17 and SS.

I literally can’t find anything that confirms this online. ( the spec sheet would, but… I’d rather not unless I have to)

EDIT: I read the spec sheet, it is, the follow is still being asked.

I know the boot loader configured the pin to be a sinking output pin for the rx led, however should it be a interrupt pin, will the following code work as intended? I would assume the functionality as a input wouldn’t be any different then any other interrupt pin.

#include <PinChangeInt.h>
#include <PinChangeIntConfig.h>
void setup()
pinMode(17, INPUT_PULLUP);
PCintPort::attachInterrupt(17, &rising1, RISING);
void rising1()  {                          
 // some code

P.S don’t worry about the actual wiring.

will the following code work as intended?

One of the nice things about the Arduino is that it is so easy to try things for yourself.

Its not easy to test out a pin as an input which hardwired as an output with no concern-able connection points.
It can be done with a soldering iron but I risk damaging the pads.

I'd rather just ask if someone else has already done it? :wink: :wink:

On further thought, its probably not an issue, the output part is just inverted logic inside the pin_arduino file compared to the other pins.

Still would like to know if anyone has done it.

If you can't test it then I suggest that you can't use it.

Can you please clarify exactly what you mean by "pin 17" ?
Pin 17 of the Leonardo board or pin 17 of processor chip ?