Leonardo Upload Problems

There seems to be some kind of bug, timing perhaps, with IDE2.0 Beta5 when it comes to uploading sketches to the Leonardo. I'd say at least 90% or more of the uploads fail. But if I switch back to IDE 1.8.13, I'd say at least 90% of the uploads are successful.

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I also had a lot of problems with uploading to the native USB boards such as the Leonardo with the older versions of Arduino IDE 2.x. It was not handling the bootloader activation process correctly because I was able to successfully upload when I manually activated the bootloader.

I have not had any problems with uploads to these boards when using the latest version of Arduino IDE 2.x. I still get them when I go back to using one of the older versions so I know the change happened in the IDE itself, rather than on my system. Unfortunately, I can't provide a reference to the specific change.

So if anyone was having problems uploading with Arduino IDE 2.x, please give the latest version a try and let us know what your results were.