Leonardo (USB Keyboard): Bootloader .hex with VID=0x046a PID=0x0011"


Is someone out there to make a bootloader (.hex) for my Arduino Leonard R3 ?

I've tried it from here: http://forum.freetronics.com/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=663

--- but I get only errors and errors (compiling libusb and the other stuff on my mac).

So, maybe someone has still installed these libraries + an Arduino Leonardo and can do a short: "make all VID=0x046a PID=0x0011" :)

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your help.

How can I put a .hex file in my Arduino Leonardo R3 ?


Why do you want to burn a new bootloader in your Arduino Leonardo ? Is something wrong with the bootloader ?

You need a programmer and a cable for the ISCP header. I use a USBasp programmer. Programming the bootloader is done in the Arduino IDE itself. The Arduino IDE will also set the fuses right when programming the bootloader.

I've tried to burn it with the IDE (Tools-> install bootloader), but I allways got this:

avrdude: usbdev_open(): did not find any USB device "usb"

Do I have to call it manually? How?

Do I need a programmer hardware? I thought the Leonardo dont need this and I can burn it straight into it with connected Leonardo board over usb.

To write a bootloader, you need programmer hardware. But normally you don't have to write a bootloader. An Arduino Leonardo comes with the bootloader already programmed into it. Why do you want to write the bootloader again ? If you don't know why, don't try to !

If you write a sketch (the program you write) you can upload it via the usb bus. Did you upload a sketch to the Leonardo yet ? Start with the examples in the Arduino IDE, for example the Basics/Blink.

To install the Leonardo properly, carefully follow this : http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/ArduinoLeonardo

I've written some sketches... no problem.

But I need another bootloader. Why is not the point, how is the point.

Ok, what for a programmer do I need?

"Why" is the point. Perhaps you want to achieve something that can be done in another way......

Some use an Arduino as a programmer. I use a very cheap USBasp programmer (3 dollars/euros) and a 10-pin-6-pin-adapter. The adapter is to connect the 10-pin header on the USBasp with the 6-pin ISCP header on the Arduino.

It's always good to have one of those. If for some reason the bootloader or the serial communication is not working, the sketch itself can also be programmed via the ISCP header.

Ok, I've ordered a programmer.

Any info about manual