Leonardo USB3 problems

Hi, I've got a problem with using my Leonardo on computers with USB3 ports. It works just fine on USB2. But when I try and install the drivers on a machine with USB3 it initally recognised it as a Leonardo, then after the Leonardo has finshed breathing the computer has an issue with the driver, and I cannot get it to go any further. I'm using Windows 7 here, and because this is a work application we're going to USB3 and I don't have the option of sticking with USB2. So, what are my options? I've downloaded IDE 1.02, and the enhanced IDE as well, but neither of these fix my issue. I'm about to try and get a better USB cable


I’ve tried different (better) usb cables, and I’ve also dowmloaded the ERW 1.02 IDE but still my windows 7 machine refuses to load the drivers on the USB3 ports, USB2 works just fine
any other ideas?

ATMega32u4 says its only USB2. So the problem is the PC driver it not backwards compliant? Or the PC hardware is not backwards compliant?

USB 2.0 Full-speed/Low Speed Device Module with Interrupt on Transfer Completion – Complies fully with Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev 2.0 – Supports data transfer rates up to 12 Mbit/s and 1.5 Mbit/s – Endpoint 0 for Control Transfers: up to 64-bytes – 6 Programmable Endpoints with IN or Out Directions and with Bulk, Interrupt or Isochronous Transfers – Configurable Endpoints size up to 256 bytes in double bank mode – Fully independent 832 bytes USB DPRAM for endpoint memory allocation – Suspend/Resume Interrupts – CPU Reset possible on USB Bus Reset detection – 48 MHz from PLL for Full-speed Bus Operation – USB Bus Connection/Disconnection on Microcontroller Request – Crystal-less operation for Low Speed mode