Let's talk a bit about Arduino Uno R3

Arduino writes computer programs gradually known for its more capable of serving the coding cycle, Arduino Uno R3 is a heavily used device and all through whatsapp gb learning and discovery measures .

In this article, I will detail the parts and elements of the Arduino Uno.Arduino Uno board which is an open source microcontroller board that depends on the ATmega328 CPU microcontroller. created by Arduino.cc. The circuit board is equipped with Digital and Analogue / productivity rods, which can be said with different development boards. Arduino Uno circuit is suitable for novice and enthusiast of hardware, programming ... Looking at an open stage that Arduino.cc offers, you can definitely build your own work fastest (programming Robot, autonomous vehicle, turn on and off controls ...)

ATmega328 microcontroller:
32 KB of Plash memory: where the boot loader owns 0.5KB.
2 KB for SRAM: (Static Random Access Menory): the quality of the published elements will be presented here. The more factors you publish, the more RAM you use. At the point where the power is lost, the information on the SRAM is lost.
1 KB for EEPROM: (Electrically erased programmable read-only memory): One point can consider and compose information here and there is no loss of information through power loss.


I don’t think this is helpful. It is not using English language terminology that will be needed by any newbie searching for more information.

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