Letters to colored LEDs?

Hi all, I have a project where I want the Arduino to read a DNA sequence and light an LED a specific color (A is blue, T is green, etc.). I think I have the lights/color part set up. Since I have just started playing with an Arduino, I don't know how to input the DNA sequence, or how to get the Arduino to read it one character at a time and change the LED with each character.

If you can point me to a tutorial or a web page, I can maybe figure it out from there. Sorry, I'm an old lady and have never taken any programming courses. But I'm a fast learner!

Many thank, oogenesis

Hi! I hope this will help. :)

user091ard: Hi! I hope this will help. :)

With stuff like this Serial.flush();                    // Clear receive buffer.it don't seem too likely, do iit?

Thanks, I’ll take a look :slight_smile: