Letting end user configure wi-fi settings (Uno wi-fi rev2)

I'm guessing this question has been answered somewhere, but it's a hard thing to search for. Feel free to re-direct me as needed. Without further ado...

I've built a little collaborative neopixel matrix art thingy, where you can change the color of pixels with a rotary encoder, and when you change one, it uploads the new matrix colors to Firebase so other similar devices can reflect the updates as they're happening. Imagine the famous reddit r/place experiment IRL on a 8x8 NeoMatrix :slight_smile:

I want to mail these out to my friends and family, but I'm not sure how to let THEM setup the wifi connection, or if that's possible. I can obviously hardcode their wifi SSID and password and upload a custom version of the code for each device, but if I want to scale this project up and ship more out... is it possible to let end users configure wifi settings somehow?

New to Arduino, but this has been a really fun project! Many thanks in advance for any guidance here.

You can store WiFi settingsin EEPROM and retrieve them in the setup() function and use that data to configure the WiFi.

You obviously need to write some code to allow the user to configure the settings via e.g a terminal program and the serial port. Users only need to install a terminal program (not the full IDE). You can also write your own little PC application where the user can enter the details and next send that to the Arduino.

This is commonly done with a captive portal.
Here's one for the ESP8266 (WeMos D1 mini, etc.)

Ahhh, "captive portal" is the term I was needing :slight_smile:

Looks like lots of documentation for esp8266, but not sure it's possible with Uno Wifi Rev2. Still researching, but thanks for pointing me in the right direction, much appreciated!