Level laser to arduino


Is it possible for an Arduino to receive a signal from a "Laser Level Detector" https://anværktøj.dk/pim/GF-F252000/ ?

The signals that the receiver must give to the Arduino are:

  • up a lot
  • up a bit
  • in the middle
  • down a bit
  • down a lot

It should not be exactly this recipient - I am mostly looking at the price.

Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully you have the time to answer.

I don't see any interface port, do you?

No I don't think this specific laser reciever has an interface port. From my searches it seems too hard to build a laser reciever myself which is why I am looking into bying a cheap reciever, that I can then modify.

I was hoping to take the laser reciever apart and somehow find a way to get the output from the laser reciever into the Arduino. Either by soldering or something else.

Do you think that could be done or maybe even where I can find information about it?

I can't tell much about the device since the information is not in English.

Even so, unless the manufacturer has shared information I am very doubtful you will be able to get useful information from the device.

I suggest calling some manufacturers and asking them if they have a laser level receiver with RS232 or similar easy-to-connect-to-microcontroller interface. If they don't, ask if they know who does or who may have a device with that sort of interface.

I bet it would be hard to hack one that doesn't have such an interface.

If relatively coarse output is ok, you could make your own detector with some number of photo diodes. A diffuser strip in front of the diodes may help smooth the response. Calibrate.

Or, search for things like thi$: https://www.hamamatsu.com/us/en/product/type/S3270/index.html