Level Shifter advice sought

I have a gps unit based around this device http://www.roundsolutions.com/techdocs/aarlogic/AarLogic-GPS3T-documentation.pdf.

It is a 3.3 volt device, and communication is by RX/TX. The question is would I be able to get away with a simple voltage divider (say 10k & 5k) on the signals to the device? At the moment I’m talking to it using the SoftwareSerial library at 5 volts. The signal coming back is fine and is readable so that seems ok, it’s just I don’t want to damage it with the TX → RX and EN signals being at 5 volts.

Any (polite) suggestions welcome!

The voltage divider should work. Using those values ti should not do any harm to try, tehn see what kind of dignal you get.

Also, have a look at this: 网投比较靠谱的大平台-2022年稳定网站

Cheers! I'll give the MOSFET solution a whirl and see what happens!