Lewan soul LX-16a servo

Just received the LX-16a servo kit in the mail but didn’t realize I need to use a debug compatible board to drive them. The servo is supposedly good for robotic projects.
Anyone have experience with these servos?
Do I need to buy the debug board or can I connect the servo directly into my arduino uno?

Thanks for your time!!

LX-16A Bus Servo use our private serial protocol, so you must use our TTL/USB debug board(compatible for Arduino) to control bus servo, otherwise you cannot do anything with the bus servo.
The debug board required to purchase separately from our store. (no matter how many servos you control, you only need a debug board)


Yeah I saw that too but thanks for the input. Just thought they’re was another way around it.

I have no idea if this is what you were looking for, but fond this GitHub - tve/lx16a-servo: Simple ESP32-Arduino library to operate LX-16A serial servos

Ok thank you I’ll look