LF 360 rotating software + potentiometer how to

Hello and thank you for reading! My name is Tiriaq, I do stuff with Photoshop, photography, composing and using many programs but I was never a programmer and electronics are things I’ve never really picked up.

Since half a year I’m really learning to craft, buying tons of cheap tools and using them. The Arduino is one of them. Any schematics I’ll have to pass them to a friend.

So I’ve gotten this far for making a 360 rotating display for film and photography:

second plate with ballbearings

steppermotor suspension

I’d prefer it if it was a program, from what I’ve heard Accelstepper that slowly starts to spin up but I’m content with any program that just turns around and is able to make us of a potentiometer if that is what it is called (I’m Dutch)
I’ve only managed to test blink and two kind of back and forth rotating programs. The only thing I’m understanding now is how to put the ULN2003 with the stepper motor onto the UNO. So any schematics for something with potentiometer in between I’ll have to pass to a friend.

I could not find the proper wheels and belt to make a belt-drive so for now I’ve made it direct-drive.
Let me know if you need to know more stuff.
( btw I’ve just learned to work the router for the first time and that the longer leg of a LED is usually the positive side so that’s where you stand when you explain things to me :stuck_out_tongue: but just give it a go, I soaking up a lot)

Thanks in advance,