LG controller

Hello every body, :slight_smile:

I have designed recently an LG controller based on an Arduino Uno that supports the following functions :

  • Listen for a IR signal from the LG remote control;

  • Synchronizes itself with the command received from the remote;

  • Read two thermistors : one for inside temperature, one for outside;

  • Adjusts automatically the fan speed;

  • Turns on or off automatically cooling of the wall unit when the conditions are met;

  • Turns on or off automatically heating of the wall unit when the conditions are met;

  • Sends a IR signal to the wall unit to synchronize it with the controller;

  • Displays on a LCD panel the following information :

  • Inside and outside temperature;

  • Set temperature and mode (cooling, heating, etc...);

  • Message telling the last action the controller took;

If anyone is interested, I will gladly post the sketch and the library.

Have a nice day !

Hi, I am interested.

same here :smiley:

Hello everyone,

I will post the sketch and the library soon.

Sorry for the delay.

I didn't receive any notification from the forum so I thought that no one had replied.


Hi everybody,

I have attached the sketch (Controller.ino) and the LG library (LG.cpp, LG.h and LGint.h).

I hope this will be useful for anyone who is interested.

If you any question, don't hesitate to ask.

Bye bye. ;D

LG.cpp (13.1 KB)

LG.h (3.5 KB)

LGInt.h (12 KB)

Controllor.ino (18.6 KB)