Li-Ion Battery Live Monitor System - BLMS

This week Project:

A "good-to-have" add-in for a battery powered project is a monitoring function that will be able to check over the entire battery lifetime at least few parameters like, temperature, voltage, current, power consumption and stored energy between charges.

A simple, basic, capacity test / loading / discharging time values can give you valuable informations about the parameters and health of the battery. And, of course, you can see how are looking the numbers against the datasheet claims :).

Youtube Video, BLMS testing :

For more details: ESP8266 Battery Monitoring System

Looking forward for your comments and suggestions/improvements about

Thank you.

Part 2 of the Project:

Battery Monitor System Web Interface and Data upload

And a Live BLMS data upload, as we speak:

20Ohm Load for around 200mA stress test.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

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