Li-Po battery 3.7V 10000mAh usage?

I was wondering if I bought a Li-Po battery 3.7V 10000mAh is there a way to up the voltage? Is there such thing as a voltage amplifier? What hardware items would generally be ran from a Li-Po battery 3.7V battery?

What hardware items would generally be ran from a Li-Po battery 3.7V battery?

Cell phones ?

is there a way to up the voltage

a boost regulator

Why have you started a new thread talking about the same LiPo battery system? You know all this already - it has been covered in the other thread.

Yes a boost switching voltage regulator is the nicest solution. There are tons of very inexpensive asian items that would fill your need. I've bought a couple of such boost and buck (for reducing voltage rather then increasing voltage). Being switching regulators they are much more efficient which is important when building battery powered projects. Here is just one example:


The shield we are in the middle of discussing in your other thread does exactly what you want.

Out of interest, I have one of these rather nice modules from TI on sample order.

They take between 2.95v and 5.5v as input, and output between 5V and 15V at 12W. That’s 2.4A at 5V!

They’re not cheap though, at $10.00 @ 1,000, but still very nice little modules. And all they take is a resistor to set the voltage (or none if you want 5V), and a couple of decoupling capacitors.

Wow, that is quite a boost. Thanks for sharing. :fearful:

$20 for one from Newark (the through-hole version - the SMD one is cheaper)

I can't understand why, but on ebay buying the 3.7V 1000mah was 1 dollar cheaper than the 3.7V 400mah