lianidolls libre animated dolls project

Hello everybody ;)

The project i want to do with my arduino duemilanove is to animate a little paper doll of 15 cm with servo and flexinol. I have build a lego automata prototype of the body, take a look :

If the link is broken :( you can google lianidolls and on video you will see what it's look like.

Please don't laugh ;) it is a test prototype, i agree with you there is a lot of work to do on it ;)

This project was on hold a long time... because i was working on the abilities to draw, sculpt, model, design, i was trying to design what liani will look like...

but nothing happens...

no design, no sketch, no model was good enough... i tried hard but i was blocked.

However i was watching Sintel on youtube and bam, that is it. Sintel character is creative common i can use it and pass the design block.

So here is a liani sintel version automata walk cycle test 001 hand activated :)

The head is a pocket digital photo frame with a creative common attribution sintel face (to improve with an arduino mini screen)

The body is for now in paper (to be printed with a better texture next time)

The automata system is in lego for now (to improve by a laser cutable material or 3d printable)

The goal is to make a little animatronic doll of 15 cm (5.90 inches) that moves good :)

As you can see on the video all electronics servo will be on a 3 or 4 wheels robot behind the paper doll. For now the whole thing is near a computer (at least at the beginning)

The work now is to make a hand moves in x y z with 3 micro servos, (or flexinole) and a arduino...

So what do you think about it ? Thank you for your feedback :)

interesting project. the lego bits are rather large because they are designed for more power than you need.

it looks like you are on a good start.

thank you :) yes i completely agree with you :) The lego parts will be replaced by a lighter structure maybe cardboard or plastic. And i will add micro servo to make it moves :) Thank you for your input, i really appreciate :)