Lib for ZWIR4512

Hi all!

I was searching for a library to use an ZWIR4512 ( module with an arduino board, but i can't find anything...
Does anyone have an idea how i can get it run? (like letting 2 Arduinos communicate via these modules)
I am still not an advanced user, so writing an lib by my own is no solution.


Sorry no lib, a ZWIR4512 (32 bits ARM) has far more power than an Arduino (8 bit),

Hardware Features :
? License-free 868/915 MHz frequency bands 
? ARM® Cortex™-M3 32-bit microcontroller 
? Up to 192kB flash and up to 32kB RAM for user applications 
? Unique EUI64 address 
? 4 (10) channels in EU (US) mode 
? 19 (ZWIR4512AC1) or 21 (ZWIR4512AC2) GPIOs with multiplexed peripheral functions: 
? 2 x UART, SPI, 3 x ADC, 2 x DAC, 11 x PWM, USB, CAN, I2C™ †, 8 x Timer 
? Several 5V tolerant I/Os available 
? Low current consumption: 
? 3.5 µA Standby Mode 
? 13.5 mA Receive Mode 
? 18.5 mA Transmit Mode @ 0 dBm 
? Modulation schemes 
? BPSK (20 kBps EU, 40 kBps US) 
? O-QPSK (100 kBps EU, 250 kBps US) 
? Receiver sensitivity: up to -110 dBm 
? TX output power: up to 10 dBm (US Mode)

The ZWIR is meant to "make" sensors wireless, so if you connect your Arduino to a Wifishield you might be able to connect..
But as it also has Serial, I2C and SPI, you have options to choose from...

so please tell what is your goal? What is your project about?

Have you read this? - -
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disclaimer: not familiar with ZWIR (unfortunately)