Libery MegaServo to Haxapod robot from Indoensia

Hallo.. Everyone...

I'm from Indonesia, i don't know speak Inggris verymuch..

I have Arduino Mega 2560, and use the libery MegaServo, to control 19 Servos, for My Hexapod robot, but i have problem.. can you halp me everyone...??

  1. sometimes i want to move/rotate my servos in 180degree and other servo rotate to 0 degree in one time..? for example : 6 servos rotate in position 180 and 6 servos rotate in position 0 degree..?
  2. if i'm use 19 servos and 1 Sensor Sharp, how many volt/battery i need to make hexapod robot? ( my servo is Servo Micro )
  3. what the meaning Pin 5Volt and Vin in Arduino Mega 2650? for example : i'm use the external dc 12 Volt, how volt in %volt Pin and Vin..?