libraries folder structure


I'm trynig to work out a good way of organising external libraries so they are easy to move to a new version of arduino, and so the example sketches are easy to browse.

Is it possible to specify a custom location to contain external libs? This would make it easy to keep libs in one place and point a new arduino version to that folder.

Failing that, and something that is useful anyway, is to group the libs in categories. This works in the example browser, and subfolders will create nice nested groups to make it easy to navigate to an example sketch within the ide. However, when trying to compile one of these examples that has been nested, the library files will not be found (eg DmxSimple.h). Is this a bug? Or something up with my installation?


External libraries should be stored in a libraries subfolder, in your sketchbook folder. All versions of the IDE already look into the sketchbook folder to locate libraries. I currently have four versions of the IDE installed, and they can all see all the same libraries.

Ok thanks. This doesn't solve the nesting problem though