Libraries IN main .ino

Is there a way to incorporate libraries in the main sketch ?
(Would be very convenient to take sketches from one to another computer...)
tanx in advance!

Install the libraries within the sketch folder, import them using double #include "myLib.h" quotes instead of angle brackets #include <myLib.h>

(that would work if the libraries don't have a complicated hierarchy of nested dependencies where they use <>)

Tanx jml !
so there is no way to have just 1 ino file where (all) the libraries are incorporated ?

if you have a simple library that is just a .h and .cpp you can add those into the same file, that probably would work but if it's a complex library then it becomes a daunting task

ok jml.

I'll just try it. :slight_smile:
I think that I don't have to be afraid that it will explode in my face.... :slight_smile:

100K thanks for your super fast replies!

yeah, worse that can happen at that stage is that it does not compile :wink:

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