Libraries missing from IDE 1.5.5r2 installation

I've installed the new IDE 1.5.5r2 via the EXE on my Win7 x64 and noticed that several libraries are missing. I then checked the ZIP file distribution to see if it had a similar issue and I found that the missing libraries were available in the ZIP.
At the end the following libraries were missing after the installation via the EXE:

  • ArduinoTestSuite
  • Matrix
  • SoftwareSerial
  • SPI
  • Sprite
  • Wire

I just copied the missing libraries manually from the ZIP version, but I wanted to check if someone else had this problem and maybe get it fixed if it's recurring.

In addition I've also noticed that the ZIP installer contains duplicates in the Examples folder. It looks like the duplicates are older versions that were included in error. Can please someone flag this as a BUG?