Libraries not responding

I am using windows-7 64 bit I am using the arduino 1.0.3 compiler on both a desktop and laptop (same OS). I have both an Arduino Mega 2560 and a Chinese (DFrobot) Mega 2560.

Before today, everything was working fine. Today, I installed the compiler on my desktop and imported all the libraries from the laptop. After fighting with driver/compiler set-up, I was able to get it to upload my codes. However, I had modified IRremote to use both timer 4 and a function attempting to clear the buffer. It called properly last I ran the code, but I can't guarantee if it worked. So I copied these files to the desktop and my new function couldn't be found as an IRrecv member (even though I know it was cause it worked before and I rechecked the files). This is less concerning and I only posted this information to see if anyone with expertise could foresee this error:

All my libraries stopped working. In the original code, I used IRremote, DmxSimple, and EEPROM. Both the IRremote and DmxSimple stopped working. I know EEPROM works.

If I open up the serial com, the board stalls for almost 10 seconds because the pin 13 light is on and no code is run. After the 10 seconds, the EEPROM can work, but Serial.print never works.

This happens with both boards and both computers. The only difference is that with the laptop, the stall isn't as noticeable. Functions like digital write still work.

I can't, for the life of me, figure out what could cause this. Again, it worked fine last time I plugged it in, and now either machine produces the same results.

I almost forgot, I have tried the serial feedback loop from these forums and everything worked fine. I presume posting code to be worthless because it doesn't seem to be the issue. If it worked one day, then without changing the code, it no longer works, it's usually not the code.

Thank you for any help. It's becoming frustrating when I am unable to code because of problems like this.


[edit]: Alright, I obviously don't know what's going on cause it's half working again. IRremote is working, but DmxSimple isn't. I'm going to investigate my modification to the cpp file (again, this worked fine before, so I don't know what changed).

[edit] ok, so no matter what I do, I can't get DmxSimple to write to a dmx LED receiver. I'm using the Max485 chip, but I have tried two different chips so I don't think that's the issue. I can't guarantee that the dmx controller is working. However, I still get delays in serial initialization when compiling from my desktop. I feel like this is another symptom of the same problem. I know the DmxSimple.write is executing because of debugging feedback. I am using code that I KNOW works, so it's not code.

I forgot to mention that the DMX receiver is picking up a signal, but it's not constant like it should be. It sees the signal for a second (flashing led to indicate signal), changes no colors, then pauses for a second (led no longer indicates signal) and repeats. I also know that the lights still get power because they flash when the dmx receiver is plugged in.