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Hi all.

Would somebody be able to give any help about that library: Shutters - Arduino Reference

It seems there is a v3.0.0-beta.5 as latest release.

I'm not good enough to understand how to use it. I guess there would be some GPIO to configure somewhere in the code to drive some relays.

Have you looked at the example included with the library ?

@ UKHeliBob

Yes of course. But I'm far from beeing good at reading code. And this one looks to me quite complicated as it is coded in an object programming manner.
I'm very unconfortable with all these classes things.

Sure. Start with the BasicShutters.ino example.

Where the comments that say "// TODO:" put in the code for UP, DOWN, and STOP. That will depend on your motor and driver. Look for motor driver examples.

It is currently set for shutters that take 30 seconds to go up and 45 seconds to go down. Measure your up and down times and edit these two lines:

const unsigned long upCourseTime = 30 * 1000;
const unsigned long downCourseTime = 45 * 1000;

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