Library and array

Hey guys, I have problem concerning Library and matrix array.
I have huge matrix array that contains lots of address data, min values, max values etc. The problem is I wanna get my hands into this data from my Library function many times, but the data should still be declared in Arduino IDE. Is there way to do this and if not is there any alternative ways?

Thank you and sorry for my grammar!

Ok, I think I understand.

The simplest way is to pass a pointer and length. Then you can use those bits of info to access the values.

//A library
class lib{
    //Constructor with initializer list.
    lib( char *ptr, int len ) : ptr( ptr ), len( len ) {}

    void Foo(){

      for( int idx = 0 ; idx < len ; ++idx ){

        Serial.println( ptr[ idx ] );

    char *ptr;
    int len;
//In IDE
char array[ 5 ];

lib l( array, 5 ); //Pass pointer to first element & length

l.Foo(); //Foo uses a pointer passed into the constructor.

Thank you for quick reply! I will check this out.