Library declration

Dear all.

I would like to know where the function declaration define for


all arduino functions defined. I am using windows xp system

Windows or Mac?

Here is a link to the core folder.

You'll find the serial specifics in HardwareSerial.h, HardwareSerial.cpp

print() & println() are inherited by the Print library, you can look in Print.h, Print.cpp (Serial actually inherits the Stream library, which in turn inherits Print)

digitalRead/Write functions are defined in wiring_digital.c and declared in Arduino.h

Although if you wanted to find them on your computer,
If windows, then idk, but this looks promising

If Mac, then go to here
Machintosh SSD ▸ Applications ▸ Arduino ▸ Contents ▸ Java ▸ hardware ▸ arduino ▸ avr ▸ cores

i finally found in core library function In arduino. Thanks for support