Library documentation.

Hello everyone,

I have successfully built my first library which is great step for my little me, but one thing is missing the Intellisense documentation of my .h and .cpp from my .ino file definition, (i use Atmel Studio).

any light to put on this ?

Thanks Julien. :wink:


I'm not surprised by the answer... thanks any way... for my first post...

but let me think that is more a c++ Programmation question with the only purpose to do better interface design documentation... and it's a key point for library and community contribution... totally in the opensource philosophy of ARDUINO... So where the spirit is gone, Guys ?
what is so creeping for deserving a such freeze ?
are you scared by global warming? :grinning:
or are you simply scared by smart TOY ?

i really need to understand of what smart people are scared about on this forum?

beyond the joke, it's a real question...

Best regards Julien.


First thanks for involving all of your wills for helping... and your answer is your point... i respect that :slight_smile:

But from my side, it's a c++ code skills about,where is the best place to put a comment in the header ".h" or code ".cpp" files...
So, designing a custom class for me STILL, an Arduino topic bounded to the ProgrammingQuestion part of this forum...

Hope, you will let other people answer to my issue and don't decide subjectively to make it an "of topic issue" :smiley:

the fun part of all of this is that i have made some terrible effort for learning arduino without posting basic question like how making pull up button ... it's very fun.