Library does not appear?

Good morning,
I have installed the RadioHead library from the Zip file, it is in the proper directory on the PC.
Now it does not appear in the list of libraries in the Library Manager.
It is on the directory but Arduino cannot find it ...
What have I done wrong ?

Do the example programs in the Radiohead library compile ?

Check in the Menu of your IDE > Sketch > Include library. Scroll down the list do you see it there? If not in the same section try clicking on "Add .ZIP library" and add your RadioHead zip file and see if that works.

Good morning
Thanks for your answers, here are the info:

  • the Radiohead lib appears on the list in the 'add library' menu.
  • the examples of this lib do compile but are not functional
  • this lib does not appear in the 'manage libraries' menu.

Any idea ?

This suggests the libraries are found OK.

This could be due to a problem elsewhere.

Frankly, I never check if libraries appear in the drop-down menu, because in the end, it's just a cosmetic matter. If you include them manually (which I always do) and the code compiles, it's fine.

I also do not check, through the IDE, the list of libraries installed. I have a shortcut to the libraries folder on my desktop and look in there, its quicker.

If the example programs compile, then the NRF24 library is installed. The examples do work when the NRF24 modules are powered and connected properly.

This is normal and expected. Library Manager (accessed via Sketch > Add Library > Manage Libraries... or Tool > Manage Libraries... in the IDE's menus) is only for managing the libraries that are listed in the Arduino Library Manager index. It only shows those libraries, even if you have manually installed other libraries on your computer.

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