Library for a 3.5" tft from mcufriendly with 0x1581 driver

hi all

i have 3 of the above displays and im looking for required libraries to allow me to copy a bmp image from SD to the display. ive tried the example in the mcufriendly library and it works fine, but i want to be able to call a function from my code to display bmp's in full screen and icons at relevant times in the code.. id appreciate any help

Surely the examples show you how to display a 24-bit BMP as well as 16-bit and Palette BMP from SD.
The Uno is very tight for SRAM. So 8-bit colour Palettes are not really possible. But 24-bit and 16-bit colour BMP will be fine.

And show how to display an icon from Flash Memory.

Since you have BMP from SD, you can store an almost infinite number of BMPs or icons.


Thanks David, the example does show a bitmap, but that's fixed in the code as a tiger I believe, with a load of serial.prints which I don't want, I'd like to call a function with the name of my files and put them in my x/y locations


Yes, the example shows how you can select files that match "tiger". You could match "" which would select every file.
If you store your bitmaps in a folder called "brian", you can specify the different path.

If you don't want Serial, don't write to Serial.

As far as I can remember, you can display your BMP at x,y on the screen.


Thanks David, ill give it a go. can you tell me limits on SD card, size/format please. my smallest is a 16G


As far as I can remember, the SD.h library can handle 16GB. That will be an awful lot of BMP files.