Library for arduino to create cylindrical gradient noise

I’m working on a colored pov display. I use the Arduino nano and the WS2811 for the RGB LED’s.

I want to create an animation that creates the illusion that your flying threw a tunnel (a cylinder) where the walls (the curved surface of the cylinder) are covered with colored gradient noise of witch the pattern changes slowly over time.

As far as I can tell there are two way ways to accomplish this:

  • I could create a three dimensional Perlin noise like plane. One of witch is for time and one of the axis repeats to create the cylinder.
  • Or I could create a four dimensional plane. Three of witch I only use to slice out the cylinder and one for time.

My question is: Wat is the best library for Arduino to accomplish this?

I’m already using FastLED for the LED’s. Witch, according to what I found on the internet, is the fastest for Arduino, but it does not seem to support repeating axis or 4D noise.

I found fastnoise but I don’t know if it works on the Arduino framework and it doesn’t seem to support repeating axis.

Ideally I would use something that supports repeating axis and does not store the array of vectors (internally) to safe memory.

Does anyone know a good library for my needs?

You should ask what's the best Arduino for your project. Most probably it should be a high end model, better a RasPi. If you can find any C/C++ library for your problem you can try to install it on your Arduino.

I'm not sure I have a good understanding of what your trying to say. Are you saying that I should switch to another board?

I've already written logic to adjust the speed and an API to display stuff in the Arduino framework. Porting that to linux (for the Raspberry) seems like a lot of afford. Switching to another Arduino board does not, but for that reason there is no hurry to witch now. I can witch pretty much any moment I'm not satisfied with the performance anymore.

Maybe if there's a very compelling library for the Raspberry I could be convinced.