Library for ByVac BV4512 (BV4219) I2C LCD-Display


I recently bought the display BV4512 from ByVac, because it can displaying 21 characters over 8 rows. Here in the forum, there is a library for the ByVac Chip 4218 (ByVacLCD.h), but the control is completely different. Has someone already made the effort to use the BV4512 (formerly BV4219) to ? I am new in programming Arduino and I would be grateful for any help.

Thanks, Max

The instruction sets are not the same, but you could probably adapt the LCDI2C library to run the ByVac display in "text mode".

Its graphic commands are similar to some of the ones in the GLCD library. My suggestion is to get the display working in "big character LCD" mode first, then gradually add graphics functions with naming and syntax similar to that of GLCD. Eventually you'll have a library that fully supports the display's features.